Pulsed Electric Well Stimulation (PEWS)

Eden GeoTech is pioneering a novel technology that uses electric energy to change the petrophysical properties of rock formation, create micro-fractures and increase permeability. Fluid mobility is increased due to viscosity reduction and reservoir permeability is increased in the direction of interest due to the thermal stress and the vibrational removal of particles within sediment pores.

This technology has the following advantages:


Increase Permeability

The electrical pulse will open pores, and develop µ-fractures in the rock. This will lead to higher relative permeability and hydrocarbon recovery.

Lower Viscosity

The implied electrical energy will lower the trapped fluid’s viscosity and change the formation wettability, freeing more fluids for extraction.



The PEWS is water-less and injection-free technology, which makes it more affordable and applicable in a location where water is not available in commercial quantities. It also eliminates the chance of inducing seismic activities

Environmentally Friendly

While the technology will be deployed inside of the well, it does not leave behind any residuals. As a result, it has zero potential for subsurface contamination.



Since the ERS technology does not use water, chemicals or acid, it is more cost effective than other methods. The cost per well is at least 40% cheaper than hydraulic fracking.



The development of this technology is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF).