Unlocking the World's Geothermal Resources

We are developing a proprietary technologies to increase the power generation potential of traditional geothermal and enhanced geothermal systems in the U.S.and abroad. We operate on the cutting edge of energy solutions that the world will need to reach net zero carbon consumption. To date, Eden has been supported by the MiSK Foundation and the United States National Science Foundation.

What people are saying about our technologies

"We invested in Eden because we believed in the team and the positive impact of their technology in the geothermal industry."

— Maureen Boyce, PhD
Managing Partner, Good Growth Capital

"This technology could unlock the 1,000+ GWe renewable geothermal potential of the MENA region."

— Abdullah Al-Shasky
Co-Founder & CEO, Phaze Ventures

"Very excited to be working with the Eden Team! They are working on developing ground breaking  technology for the geothermal industry, which is important to the decarbonization of our economy on multiple fronts. I look forward to following their progress towards this ambition!"

— Emily Reichert, PhD
CEO, Greentown Labs

Our Partners